Large snails were recently discovered in the area of the Lord Road Boat Ramp. NH DES has confirmed from pictures that the species is the Chinese Mystery Snail which is an exotic / invasive species. An easy method to tell the difference between our native snail vs. Chinese Mystery Snail is size, but the pictures provided can assist with smaller mystery snails. Our Native species is about the size of a pistachio vs. the Chinese Mystery being up to the size of a walnut or golf ball. Best management for eradication of this species is to remove when found – this snail can tolerate temperatures up to 104°F and extreme dryness so dispose in the trash or bury at least 12 inches below ground at a minimum of 25’ from the water’s edge. All females generally contain embryos from May to August and young are born from June through October, so earlier removal would seem most optimal. Additional information can be found at: and in the attached document(s) AIS.PDF or NH DES.PDF

We need to record locations on the lake where this species is found, so we are asking that any removal of this species be reported to Jim Fitzpatrick at