Q:  How do I become a member of the PRP Association?

A:  PRP membership is available to all members of the PRP community.  Membership is currently a manual process (automation coming soon) where you fill out the membership form and send your form and payment ($25 + suggested fireworks donation) via mail to the address on the form (the form can also be brought to the PRP store where you may pay by cash, check or PayPal).  Our membership process will review your information to ensure you are eligible for membership, and upon approval, you will be entered into the system.  Reminder:  PRP Association membership does not provide any sanctioned access to Pine River Pond beyond your deeded access rights.  Any entry to the pond without deeded access is trespassing.

Q:  Who do I talk to about questions or issues regarding the PRP Association?

A:  Please see the contacts tab on the website to ascertain the correct contact.  If you are unsure, email communications@pineriverpond.org and your question will be forwarded to the correct PRP POC

Q:  What is my username/password?

A:  Your username/password information was sent to you in an email from “Pine River Pond (email@pineriverpond.org).  If you cannot find that email, please check your Junk/SPAM folders and do the following:

  1. Mark the email as not junk/SPAM
  2. Establish emal@pineriverpond.org and pineriverpond.org as safe email and domains
  3. If unable to locate email, go to www.pineriverpond.org, click login, and follow the lost password procedure (communications@pineriverpond.org can provide you with your username if needed)

Q:  Why do I need a username/password?

A:  The website contains information made available to the general public and also information that is private within the body of membership.  Logging into the website with your username/password enables the member to view information and exercise functionality that the general public can not access or use.

Q:  Can I post my own classified ads?

A:  Yes if you are a member.  All PRP Association members can post their own classifieds.  Each posting will be reviewed by PRP Association delegates for appropriateness and will activate the post once the review is complete.  To maximize your possibility of a sale, anyone visiting the website will be able to see and respond to your classified ad (so only provide the public contact info you would be comfortable with as if you were posting to a common website such as Craigslist).

Q:  What do my membership dues go toward?

A: Membership dues, along with funds raised through the PRP Store and the Boat Parade, are contained in the Financial Report provided at the Annual Meeting each year.  Association dues pays for Pine River Pond’s water quality testing and reporting, donations to the Loon Preservation Society, NH Lakes Association, and Action Wakefield Watershed Alliance, operating expenses of the Association like mailing fees for federal and State filings, Directors Insurance, website expenses, and a prize for the annual Ice Out Contest.  The Association offers items for sale in the PRP Store, located at 500 Pinewood Shores to include clothing, maps, glasses, mugs, hats, blankets, and ice cream treats.  The Lord Road boat ramp is staffed with trained Lake Host workers and volunteers who inspect boats in our efforts to prevent introduction of invasive species to PRP, and the Association issues weekly emails and two Newsletters each year to keep members informed of important issues concerning the Pine River Pond community.  The annual fireworks show is coordinated by the Association, but is funded through donations (accepted at the PRP Store).

Q:  Where can I go to find information about what I can do with my waterfront?

A: Go to the Resources tab and click on NH DES Shoreland Protection Program FAQs.  You can also contact the Town of Wakefield Shoreland Protection Officer.