• Get Involved by being a Lake Host Volunteer

    Help keep Pine River Pond beautiful by preventing invasive species, such as milfoil, from getting into our lake.  One preventative measure is to inspect boats coming in and out of the lake at the Pine River Association Lord Road boat ramp.  This program is referred to as the “Lake Host

  • If you aren’t receiving our emails…

    If you are a member who wishes to receive the PRP Association News emails and haven’t seen one recently, let Patty know at vicepresident@pineriverpond.org.  Thank you!

  • From NH Lakes Association – Seen Anything Strange in the Water?

    As you are removing your boat, dock, lift, and other items this fall, please look them over carefully. Check for unusual plants and animals on these items and in the surrounding water, too. If you find anything strange, please take a picture and send a description along with your contact

  • Lake Hosts – An Important Line of Defense

    Lake Hosts are an important line of defense to catch suspicious specimens on boats and trailers that are about to enter NH lakes.  As of the end of July 2017, the NH Lakes Association reports that “Lake Hosts have now captured 14 specimens of hitchhiking invasive species this summer.”  Here’s

  • Red Lakebed in Pickerel Cove

    A curious red color has shown up on the lakebed in Pickerel Cove near the Young’s Brook inlet, so we asked the experts at the UNH Cooperative Extension to help us understand what’s causing this phenomenon. The Young’s Brook sampling location was tested on May 22nd and no unusual coloration was observed.  What we

  • Are You Not Getting Our Emails?

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  • PRP Website

    We are still working with getting the website fully functional.  If you are having trouble logging in or not receiving our emails, please let Patty know at VicePresident@pineriverpond.org.  Thank you for your patience!

  • 2016 NH Loon Census Results

    Thanks to all those who participated in the 2016 Loon Census. Observations are part of a statewide snapshot of the loon population, and coincides with loon counts on the same day in Vermont, Maine, and New York. This year 526 observers covered 121 NH lakes during the count on July

  • Get The Lead Out!!!

    On June 1, 2016, a new law takes effect that redefines what a lead jig is for the purposes of taking fish in the fresh waters of New Hampshire. All lead jigs less than or equal to one ounce will be prohibited.  It is well documented that lead, when ingested,

  • Chinese Mystery Snail

    Large snails were recently discovered in the area of the Lord Road Boat Ramp. NH DES has confirmed from pictures that the species is the Chinese Mystery Snail which is an exotic / invasive species. An easy method to tell the difference between our native snail vs. Chinese Mystery Snail

  • Please don’t feed the geese!

    Canada geese are one of the most readily recognized birds in the United States, and they are enjoyed by birdwatchers, sportsmen, outdoor enthusiasts and citizens. However, in some areas such as recreational lake environments, Canada geese can damage property, pose disease threats, and present public safety problems. Feeding them only

  • Swimmer’s Itch

    Ever wonder why you sometimes get itchy after exiting the lake after a day of aqueous relaxation? You may not realize it, but the itch is caused by a parasite that has made its home under your skin! You can decrease your odds of getting swimmer’s itch by cleaning up