New Membership Season (2018-2019) – Begins 1 July 2018

The new membership season begins on 1 July 2018. Please do not execute the website membership join/renewal functionality as there is not an automated link to PayPal.  Please renew your membership via payment by:

  1. check via US Mail with membership form (renewals need only enter last name and make changes directly to your account or enter only any updated data/changes on the form)
  2. cash, check or PayPal at the PRP store

New members please use the FY18-19 membership form join.  Renewing members please update your existing account with any new/changed information and submit the form with only your membership account name and payment.  As always PLEASE remember that we need your support with Fireworks Donations!

Membership Form is here:  PRP FY18-19