RESCHEDULE: Bass Point Ramp Cleanup — Volunteers Needed!!

As many of you know there are a few areas of the lake where native milfoil has recently taken root. We are using the Bass Point Ramp as a “case study” to see if remediation steps of benthic mats combined with debris cleanup will make a positive impact.

We are looking for volunteers to spend 3-4 hours on Saturday April 7th (rain date 4/8/2018) at 10AM to help rake and remove leaves/weeds that have collected in this area over the years. The milfoil feeds on the weed/leaf bed. Our hope is cleaning this up will help slow down the growth.

The owner of that association land (Phil Colosi) is aware of our plan and supports the effort.

I have arranged for the use of a dump trailer to haul away the debris as well as a tractor to help load what is raked up.

I’d ask folks to bring a leaf rake, a metal rake, and buckets/barrels to ease in the clean-up.

Please reach out to Doug Stewart ( or 603-548-9350) to confirm availability.

10 volunteers would be great….20 would be fantastic.

The Bass Point Ramp is located at the end of Blackwood Road. The area right at the ramp is tight, so you may have to park along Blackwood road on the way to the ramp.

Thanks in advance,

Doug Stewart